CTAQ’s mission is, on one hand, to ensure that our members’ interests are represented, promoted and defended within the food-processing and consumer-product industry—and, on the other, to showcase the competitiveness of our members across Quebec, Canadian and international markets.


The CTAQ is a consolidation of industry forces that groups together the Association des manufacturiers de produits alimentaires du Québec (AMPAQ), Conseil de la Boulangerie du Québec (CBQ), Association des abattoirs avicoles du Québec(AAAQ), Conseil de l’industrie de l’érable (CIE), Association des viniculteurs négociants du Québec (AVNQ), Association des embouteilleurs d’eau du Québec (AEEQ), Association des producteurs de cidre du Québec (APCQ), and the Fondation INITIA. It represents over 400 companies with an annual business volume of $15 billion, in a global industry worth some $22 billion.

The CTAQ also represents the food-service sector, which groups together food-processing companies, distributors, supply managers, secondary food processors (hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, community centres, and school and health centres), as well as service companies. It is the only Quebec entity that groups together the various links in the agri-food industry chain dedicated to food services.

Quebec’s agri-food processing industry is the manufacturing sector’s primary employer, representing some 170,000 direct and indirect jobs in over 2,000 companies. The sector is also the main manufacturing shipper in Quebec.

Some 70% of agriculture production in Quebec relies on this industry as its main commercial outlet.

The food-processing industry includes a second manufacturing sector in Quebec, which has $5.1 billion in gross domestic product, representing 34% of the total agri-food industry GDP in Quebec.