About Us

The food and beverage processing industry is the largest manufacturing industry in Canada in terms of shipments, accounting for 17% of total manufacturing shipments. It provides employment for 296,000 Canadians (about 1.7% of the Canadian workforce) and produces shipments worth $89 billion which account for 2% of the national GDP. It supplies approximately 77% of processed food and beverage products available in Canada. It is also the single largest market for Canadian agricultural products.

Given a stronger Canadian dollar, rising input costs, a tightening credit market and increasing off-shore competition, the food processing industry like other manufacturing sectors in Canada has struggled over the past few years. This difficult business situation has resulted in the closure.

The Objectives


Promote coordination, cooperation and enhanced program/service delivery among national and provincial food processing associations;


Leverage the political strength of the food-processing sector by bringing togetherassociations which collectively represent the majority of food processing companies in Canada;


Foster industry-wide communication leading to more effective industry associationaction on behalf of members;


To do all such additional things as are incidental to or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing.